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When I 1st got DG when she was called Lefa
Mimi Kay went to the stables! She got to ride and got told funny jokes. At school with Gold
Thank You Melipops for taking Angel Rose to a day out to the dance class. School with gold
Gloria at the zoo. Thanks Falconera for taking her and getting her ice creams. School with gold
Angel Rose, day trip to the zoo. Thank you Melipops who took her! School with gold
Gloria about to attend a dance class! Thanks to her godmum for the stuff. School with gold
Lewis had a fun day on the beach! God parent took him, thanks Starkeeper :D 12000 growth - gold
My Lovely Darling Shakiera! Named after Angel1602 at school. She got 11000 growth, gold
Bonnie my 3rd baby. Got about 8000 growth and got gold