Takes care of 20 babies since 521 days.
Teaching profile: musician
Has never had a godchild
Currently has no godchildren
Money : 159852 .
Karma: 10 points
His country : USA.
Registered since the 04/24/2009.
Last connection the 12/10/2012.

The babies


SDPG_SSM has 1892320 experience points(294th in the ranking) including:
  • 809520 points in teaching music
  • 320380 points in teaching drawing
  • 706810 points in teaching swimming
  • 8340 points in teaching dance

His private boutique

SDPG_SSM is the owner of the private boutique SD's Comfort Jammies.
This boutique is open since the 06/17/2009 and offers you 61 garments displayed in her 5 collections.

His most popular garment is Dino Romp with 79 sales.And the most recent is Bubbly Star Coat, created on the 12/15/2009.

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The nursery

SDPG_SSM is the director of the nursery SD's Small Wonders Center.
This nursery has been in operation since 06/17/2009.
It has a reputation of 23.73.
And is currently empty.

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His invitation for you

SDPG_SSM invites you toregister onBabydow, where you too can raise your babies along with thousands of other players!


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