Guided tour: The baby's page

The baby's page is the heart of the game. This is where you feed your baby, show it affection and have it do a whole bunch of exiting activities!

1 - Your baby's photo

Here is your baby! You can see what your baby is wearing.

2 - Wellness

In this zone, you can see how your baby is feeling. Is it tired or hungry? Does it need the diaper changed? You will have all the answers by watching the wellness gauges.

3 - Growth

This zone, called "Development", is where you can view the day-to-day progress of your baby.

4 - Abilities

The "Abilities" zone lets you see the development of your baby's memory, dexterity, creativity and motor skills.

5 - Activity zone

This is where you will carry out all the actions with your baby. Choose what you want to do from the menu: play with your baby, feed your baby, change your baby's diaper, bathe your baby, etc.
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